About Us

Stateside Nursing Ltd was established in 1994 and has since been developing a programme, which enables UK and other foreign national qualified nurses to relocate either permanently or for a short time, to the USA. This has proved extremely successful and has enabled numerous nurses to gain experience abroad before returning to their home country or to emigrate permanently to the USA.

Since this time we have carried out extensive research into the process involved for nurses applying to work in the USA. This has enabled us to gain a thorough understanding of the majority of the USA exam, licensing, green card requirements/procedures, USA recruitment legalities and the inducements offered to qualified nurses by the leading USA nursing agencies.

Working with the largest USA travel nurse company in the industry, hospitals and healthcare organisations on a day to day basis we are able to keep abreast of the constantly changing USA requirements for the employment of international nurses.

Stateside Nursing Ltd has built up a secure reputation and much of our business is now spread by word of mouth by satisfied nurses we have previously and are currently assisting. Many of these nurses will be more than happy to discuss their experiences with you.


Whilst building our reputation in the USA we have received countless enquiries from many speciality nurses in Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand and other citizenship’s who wish to come and work in the UK. Until recently it has proved difficult to obtain the necessary sponsorship letters from hospitals, which are needed for the nurses work permit applications.

However, this situation has changed and we now have many UK hospitals that are looking for English speaking foreign nationals to fill their growing vacancy needs.