As it stands at the moment if a nurses does not have the NCLEX or CGFNS exam the process can take up to one year. If a nurse already has either of these exams then the process can be speeded up somewhat.

If I apply for a Texas License do I have to sit the exam in Texas?

You can choose to sit the exam anywhere in the USA regardless of what license you have applied for.

How long does it take before I get my exam results?

Once you have sat the NCLEX exam you will need to allow at least three weeks before you hear in writing whether you have passed. However, there is a results-by-phone service available for some States. You will need to allow 3 business days after taking your test then after 9.00am call 1-900-225-6000. This service costs $7.95 and has to be billed to a telephone account holder. Alternatively you can also access some states databases to see if a license number appears for you.

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If I have passed the NCLEX and hold a Texas license but wish to work in a different State what do I do?

All licenses are transferable to other States. You just need to apply for Licensure by Endorsement Application Forms from the State you wish to transfer to. This should then just be a matter of completing an application form and having your original license verified. You will then receive the license for your chosen State.

How do I obtain a green card to work in the USA?

To obtain a green card you will first need to find a sponsoring USA hospital or facility. The hospital must provide you with a job offer letter, which must state your job title, salary and hours to be worked. Once you have this then an attorney can file for your green card.

Do I have to pay for my green card?

Most of our client hospitals pay for the sponsoring of the nurses green card. However, you are responsible for the costs incurred at the US embassy once you have your approval notice. This will involve both a filing fee and medical fee for each person petitioned for.

When I have my green card when can I go to the USA?

Once you have your green card you can either go the next day or you will have 6 months in which to activate it.