Green Card Sponsorship

Since the H1-A visa program ceased to exist on September 1st 1995, the only way for a foreign-trained nurse to be able to work in the USA is by gaining sponsorship as a Resident Alien (Green Card).

When accepting a position with any of Stateside Nursing Ltds client hospitals your green card is processed free of charge.

However, Stateside Nursing does offer an additional service for nurses who have found their own jobs in the USA and need help in obtaining a green card.

Not all hospitals are familiar with the processing of the green cards for foreign nationals. They either do not have their own attorney or do not want to pay for the processing etc.

If you have a hospital that will offer you a job but will not pay for the green card we can, if the hospital is prepared to sign the I-140 petition, process the green card for you. The cost for which you will find listed below.

It will depend on the State where you are licensed as to which of the four immigration-filing centres you will be allocated to. This in turn will dictate the length of time it takes for the green card to be approved. Generally this will be 6 to 9 months from the date of filing.

NOTE: This time delay is dependent on the USINS (Immigration Service) and so there is NO opportunity to shortcut or speed up this process.

A green card issued to a nurse will allow their spouse and dependent children (under 21 years of age) to live and work in the USA. After five years on a green card you (and family if applicable) can apply to become US Citizens.


The total cost to process the green card is approximately £1500.00. (Dependant on US exchange rate at time of application). This must be paid at the time of the green card application

There will be additional costs on the day when the work authorisation is issued at the Embassy in London. These are:

  • $335.00 Filing fee for each person (payable to the Embassy)
  • £125.00 Medical fee for each person (Children under 14 pay £45.00)
    (payable to the Doctor at the Embassy)

You will find that US attorneys will quote you anywhere between £2500 and £3500 to petition for a green card on your behalf. Stateside Nursing is able to keep the cost down by doing most of the paperwork normally carried out by an attorney prior to filing for your green card.

We have not yet had any green cards refused!

If you wish to discuss this process in more detail please do not hesitate to contact us.